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Former Computer to Schools Program (CTS) ended October 16, 2007

                                  Updated 7-18-08

In 2002 the Napa Valley Personal Computer Users Group established a program to collect donated computer equipment refurbish it and provide it free of charge to area schools, other nonprofits, and charitable organizations. We called this program Computers to Schools.
It was soon determined that the computers alone were not enough. For the computers to be of any real value to the schools, they needed to have an operating system and other software. At the direction of the NVPCUG Board of Directors Orion Hill submitted a grant request to the Community Foundation of the Napa Valley, Dey L.P. Community Fund for funds to purchase software for the computers that were to be delivered to the area school districts. The Dey L.P. Community Fund granted the program $10,000.00 for this purpose. See grant photos at Grant.
Between 2002 and the end of the program in October 2007 the NVPCUG Computers to Schools Program provided to schools over 783 computers, 140 printers, hundreds of monitors, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals.
Additional equipment was also given to charitable nonprofit organizations and to disadvantaged individuals.
Many NVPCUG members participated in this endeavor. The participants decided to continue with a program separate from the NVPCUG and they formed the Napa Valley Computers to Schools (NVCTS). If you are interested in donating or getting involved in this program please contact Orion E. Hill at (707)252-0637 or e-mail him at

On July 16, 2008 the Napa Valley Computers to Schools (NVCTS) group donated a laptop computer to the NVPCUG. Photo is of Orion E. Hill, President of NVCTS (left) handing Ron Dack, President of NVPCUG the laptop.
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