Evaluators guide

Thank you for evaluating software for the Napa Valley PC Users Group. Without your help the relations we have with our vendors might suffer. They depend on us to get information out about their products. In exchange for you review, that will be published in the Computer News, you get to keep the software. Some vendors have asked if it is ok to publish your evaluation in their advertisements, if you do not want your name and words published elsewhere please let me know and I will advise the vendor.

Below are some guides to help you in your evaluation:

  1. Please be fair to the vendor, if you find the software does not function properly it is your duty to publish that fact, but do it kindly.
  2. Please include the system requirements of the software. And if known the retail price.
  3. Write about your experience installing the software, did it install easily? Was the manual helpful? If you had to use tech support what was your experience there.
  4. Did the program live up to your expectations? When you used it did it do what you wanted it to do, if not why.
  5. Your evaluation should be between 300 and 600 words, please include the company web page URL and a URL for a downloadable demo if one is available.
  6. At the company web site you may find a graphic of the product, please include a copy in your evaluation. If you do not know how to download a graphic and are using Windows 95-XP just right click on the graphic and a menu will pop up, select "save picture as" and save to a known folder.
  7. Please send your finished evaluation (Please do not use formatting, just carriage returns and no other formatting) to the Product Review Coordinator. By e-mail to: reviews@nvpcug.org or send it to The Napa Valley PC User Group, attn: Reviews, P.O. Box 2866, Napa, CA 94558-0286
  8. You generally have 90 days to complete your evaluation,

Thanks for helping the Napa Valley PC Users Group